From Angelina Jolie to the duchess of Cambridge, Jenny Packham has become quite the favorite among celebrities worldwide as the designer of beautiful, classic fashion. She is known for her intricate beadwork and unique yet elegant designs. This world-renowned British designer has shown her collections at London, Milan, and most recently, New York fashion weeks. Packham has expanded her collections beyond bridal to include accessories, lingerie, and ready-to-wear attire.


Jenny Peckham

Packham was born in Hampshire, England, on March 11, 1965. She studied fashion at Southhampton Solent University and received a first class honors degree from Central St. Martins. After college, she founded her first line, called “Jenny Packham London,” in 1988. Initially her line only included bridal and evening gowns.

In 2008, Packham began adding a range of bridal accessories to her collection, complementing her gowns. Her first lingerie collection debuted with her designs in 2010, and by 2012 she also began to create children’s occasion wear. Her ready-to-wear fashion is sold at some of the world’s most prestigious stores, including Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Neiman Marcus, and Bergdof Goodman. Her flagship stores are located in London, Paris, and New York.

Today Packham lives with her partner, Matthew Anderson, who is CEO of her company. They have two daughters together, Isabella and Georgia, who are both aspiring models. Jenny Packham celebrated the company’s 25th anniversary last year and continues to be a highly sought-after world-class designer.

Notable Clients

Packham has a considerable celebrity fan base that includes Kiera Knightly, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Biel, Kate Winslet, Kate Hudson, and Adele, to name a few. Most notably, Kate Middleton, the duchess of Cambridge, is known to be Packham’s red carpet muse. The duchess has worn numerous red carpet and daywear creations of Packham, even down to the dress she wore after giving birth to her child.

Packham’s designs have made several film appearances, too, including “Sex and the City,” “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Die Another Day,” “Casino Royale,” and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” Her gowns have been seen at many awards ceremonies and events, including presidential banquets and the Oscars.

Bridal Elegance


In 2015, we can expect to see a vast array of beautiful gowns coming from Jenny Packham. From intricate beadwork and jewels to simplistic lines that accentuate a gorgeous figure, the 2015 line has something for everyone. There are beautiful plunging necklines, modest gowns with sleeves, and even a couple short wedding gowns. The 2015 collection will even introduce a few beautiful gowns in color. Packham’s use of chiffons and draping fabric really accentuate the movement of the body and show the beautiful lines of the feminine figure.

One thing is for sure: the unique and fashion-forward style found in Jenny Packham’s gowns and designs are destined to inspire and challenge the design world to create new, beautiful fashions while staying forever classy and glamorous. Jenny Packham is definitely a designer worth looking at when hunting for the perfect wedding gown.


After his death in early 2013, Manuel Mota, the creative director of world-renowned fashion company Pronovias, has continued to leave his mark on the fashion industry. Pronovias wedding gowns are some of the hottest bridal fashions this year. Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, this Spanish design firm has always been proud to be a family-run business. Today its gowns are characterized by their fine fabrics and outstandingly unique, lavish designs.

The Man Behind It All

Pronovias has always been a family business, passed down from generation to generation. Manuel Mota ran the company for 23 years, when in 2013 he passed away at the age of 46. He designed wedding gowns for many models and high-society members, including Doutzen Kroes and Jade Goody. His creative contribution and forward thinking is said to be the reason that Pronovias Fashion Group has become well-known and popularized worldwide.

Company History

Pronovias had its humble beginnings as a family business founded by Alberto Palatchi Benveniste in 1922 as a fabric shop in Barcelona called El Suizo. Even in the early stages of the company, Catalonia’s high-society brides had their wedding dresses hand-created at the shop. In 1964, the company was officially established as Pronovias and launched its first collection of wedding gowns in Spain. It then organized its first fashion show in 1968.

In the 1980s, Pronovias opened to the world when the brand expanded into Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Italy. By the 1990s, Pronovias had entered into the American and Asian markets and was beginning to really take off. In 2004, the company began to bring on renowned designers such as Hannibal Laguna, Lidia Delgado, and Miguel Palaco. In 2008, its flagship store opened in New York’s fashion district. To date, the company owns 163 stores in 105 countries.

A New Chapter

Since Mota’s death, the company has continued to provide the utmost quality and beauty in wedding gown design. In 2013, it launched the Atelier Pronovias Collection. These gowns are made with “sumptuous fabrics, stunning silks, and exquisite lace, hand-stitched onto Chantilly gauze and taffeta,” according to the company’s website.


As part of its 50-year anniversary celebration this May, the company hosted an exhibition free to the public of Barcelona. This “50 Love Stories Exhibition” showcased 50 wedding dresses, all part of the love stories of the women they were created for. The dresses were from the early decades through the present, worn by high-profile brides for whom the company created wedding gowns.


Today, Pronovias continues to make high-quality, exquisite gowns for brides around the world. Its attention to detail and creative “savoir faire” continues to help this design company grow and expand with the fashion industry. If you’re looking for a gown with a unique touch and the most lavish of fabrics and designs, look no farther than Pronovias for the dress of your dreams!

Paloma Blanca is synonymous with beautiful bridal gowns and has earned a reputation for producing wedding dresses of exceptional quality with immense attention to detail. It was founded in 1937 as Blue Bird Dress by Harry Bernstein, and his work has been continued by his family through the generations. While other fashion designers have gained fame for being in direct opposition to traditional wedding outfits, Paloma Blanca continues to keep things simple and elegant with its stunning range of white, sleek, and ultra-flattering dresses. If you show up in a Paloma Blanca wedding dress, get ready for envious stares!

As we have already mentioned, Paloma Blanca likes to keep things traditional, and it doesn’t even give its gowns unusual names. Instead, each gown is given a number, and its quality does the rest. Below, we look at some of the hottest bridal gowns from its recent collections.

This is a silk Dupioni dress that reveals some of your back. The strapless tunic bodice comes with a beaded sash that can be removed at the waist while the cascade skirt completes the look. The Paloma Blanca intricate patterns are clear to see with accessories such as covered loops and buttons over the zipper. Style 4453 comes in ivory, natural, and blush.



This is yet another remarkable, classically designed wedding dress made with French Alencon Lace and containing the almost standard Paloma Blanca back view. The design includes a strapless asymmetrical lace bodice, which really accentuates your curves, and the lace appliqués that gently caress the flared Duprioni skirt for a truly beautiful wedding dress. Style 4450 has a cathedral train and comes in blush, ivory, and natural colors.



This particular wedding dress is ideal if you are looking for a stately look, as it is elegant, debonair, and chic. You could almost imagine a member of a royal family wearing something as gorgeous as this Italian Lace wedding dress with a cross-over strapless, pleated Taffeta tunic bodice. Style 4464 showcases the legendary Paloma Blanca attention to detail with the ruffle Organza skirt and mohair detailed edging. It comes with a sweep train and a beaded guipure lace bolero to complete the look of a princess.



Paloma Blanca shows its versatility with this dazzling bridal gown, which is slinky and sensational. You could almost imagine wearing this dashing dress to a gala event rather than your wedding, but it still has all the best elements of a wedding gown. This marvelous dress has a strapless sweetheart bodice complete with empire beading embellishment and a pleated, draped skirt with a darling bubble hem. It is completed with a natural train, but there is a downside: Style 4459 is only available in natural color.



So there you have it; Poloma Blanca continues to ride the wave of its wedding gown popularity and will do so for as long as it produces such scintillating bridal gowns. If you want a traditional wedding dress that turns heads and will be remembered forever, look no further than Poloma Blanca.

Vera Wang embraces the unconventional, so if you are expecting standard bridal gowns from one of the queens of fashion design, you will be disappointed! She is known for producing the unexpected, as previous bridal gown shows featured black wedding dresses, leather gloves, and pink-hued gowns. In other words, tradition be damned when Vera Wang begins to design her range of wedding dresses. In 2013, Wang’s bridal show involved wedding dresses entirely in red, with no white to be seen anywhere.

“A Whole New Statement”

This is how Wang describes her Spring 2014 Bridal Collection, and in typical fashion, she produced typically untypical wedding dresses. This collection has nothing but black and white dresses, and they are modern, striking, and more than a little bit bold. According to Wang, these dresses contain a “little Audrey Hepburn” and are about “architecture and discipline.”

Instead of getting soft romantic looks, this particular collection takes the concept of bridal to a completely different level. Her spring collection contains dresses with a monochrome twist, and the famous black leather gloves make a reappearance along with understated strapless designs. Wang also includes delicate contemporary lace patterns and careful yet splendid usage of modern chic, such as v-shaped bodices. This deep V neckline dress is about as far away from the “blushing bride” as you are likely to find. Instead, it is a bridal outfit for a daring, independent woman with an extremely strong sense of self.

Vera Wang Fall Collection 2014


In a complete departure from the dramatic and independent look of the previous spring, Wang took her fall 2014 collection in a completely different direction once again. Gone are the black leather gloves and in come a more feminine, all-pink collection. This voluminous pink dress is one of our favorites because it looks as if it could be worn to almost any social occasion. Indeed, it is the kind of dress a bridesmaid could conceivably wear, but it still makes any bride look like she is positively glowing.

It appears like Wang wants pink to be seen as seductive, sophisticated, dreamy, cool, and strong all at the same time. There’s no doubt the magical machinations of her mind created yet another amazing collection. Few, if any, of the bridal gowns in this collection come close to “traditional” and seem to range from sleek and seductive to something a princess might wear.

The Future

Vera Wang has already introduced her spring collection for 2015 and surprise, surprise: she has come up with something entirely different yet again! One wonders where the queen bee of fashion designers gets her ideas, but her latest bridal gown edition is completely different than the softness of the fall 2014 collection. Fans of minimalism will love the slinky silk dress designs on show while there are also sleeved dresses adorned with floral patterns for those looking for simplicity and elegance. If you want to cause a stir at your wedding, try this sexy and revealing white wedding dress, but make sure you’re in peak condition!

If you want a bridal gown look no one else has, set your sights on a Vera Wang masterpiece in 2014.


It would appear the traditional white wedding dress is no longer the automatic choice for brides-to-be. Alternative colors, such as blue, pink, and especially red, are becoming the norm as women branch out in search of the ultimate look in stylish gowns. Naturally, many of the world’s finest fashion designers are leaping on this modern trend and producing sensational dresses. Below, we look at five of the leading red wedding dress designers.


This design company is benefiting from the magical, romantic designs of Callie Tein, the Australian-born designer who is creating a range of wonderful red wedding dresses to suit each bride’s individual style. Modern Trousseau also offers a wide range of custom selections, including strap selections, skirt shapes, and color accents. All of its gowns are designed and made in the United States of America.


This fashion designer is becoming a force to be reckoned with after shooting to stardom a few years ago when her bridal gowns were worn at a number of highly anticipated celebrity weddings, including that of Crystal Harris and Hugh “Playboy” Hefner. Her stylish red dresses have been worn by Christina Hendricks of “Mad Men” fame, and Keveza has taken her penchant for red right into the bridal gown industry.


She may well be the world’s most sought-after fashion designer, and Vera Wang continues to produce the goods. Since red wedding dresses are far from being traditional, it is hardly a surprise to discover this fashion designer working hard to create what is arguably the world’s best collection of red bridal gowns. Her finest work in this niche includes the “Kirsten” wedding gown and the “Katrina” strapless gown. Obviously, you better be prepared to pay a pretty penny to get your hands on a Wang masterpiece!


If you know fashion, then you know Oscar de la Renta, as this designer is always at the cutting edge. One of his most daring creations of late is his scarlet red ball gown with a darling Chantilly lace skirt and sweetheart neckline. If you have the body for it, this particular dress will turn every single head in any room!

According to this company, the perfect dress is just waiting to be discovered by brides all over the world. It has studios in Australia and the United States and is famous for innovative designs, especially the amazing hand-sewn embellishments on the dresses it creates. While it generally focuses on traditional white wedding gowns, it has been dabbling in red wedding dresses to great effect.

Although there have been red wedding dresses designed in the past, it seems as if the spring collections of many famous designers in 2013 were the first instances of this color dress becoming popularized. Red, of course, is a color with many different meanings around the world: In Japan, it is symbolic of happiness while in China it means luck or joy; in the United States, it is a symbol of love, and there is no greater expression of love than your wedding day!

Vera Wang is one of the most well known wedding gown designers out there. She has also designed other fashion including gowns for Michelle Obama and figure skating costumes for American Olympian Nancy Kerrigan. But when someone mentions the name “Vera Wang” most of us picture a beautiful flowing white gown, fit for a queen.

Nancy Kerrigan USA

Wang’s Influences

Vera Ellen Wang is a native of New York City. Her parents were first generation Chinese immigrants. As a child, Wang was a Figure Skater. She competed at the 1968 U.S. Figure Skating Championships. When she failed to make the U.S. Olympic team, Wang turned her focus to fashion design. She attended the University of Paris, and earned her art history degree from Sarah Lawrence College. By 1970, she was a senior fashion editor for Vouge Magazine.

The History of Wang’s Wedding Collection

In 1990 Vera Wang introduced her first bridal collection. In the same year she opened her first Bridal Salon on Madison Avenue in New York City. By 1997 The first “Vera Wang Bride: Barbie Doll” was released. By 1999, Vera Wang was designing for celebrities, most notably at the time, Victoria Beckham. By 2001, Wang published her first book entitled: “Vera Wang on Weddings”, and the very next year, launched her “Ready-To-Wear” collection. In 2005 she won the CFDA Award for Women’s Wear Designer of the Year.

By 2008, her second Barbie Doll debuted, entitled “The Romanticist Barbie, featuring a extravagant mermaid style gown. Other famous women who have sported Vera Wang bridal gowns include Ivanka Trump, Alyssa Milano, Chelsea Clinton, Alicia Keys, Lily Aldridge, and many others. She has since opened two more shops, and debut another Designer Barbie Doll. In 2011 She launched “White By Vera Wang” with David’s Bridal, which allows the general public access to her extraordinary designs.

Ivanka Trump Wedding Dress

Wang’s other Design Adventures

Wang has also expanded into other areas of design including perfumes, housewares, men’s rental tuxedos, cosmetics, and of course other women’s’ apparel. She designs special occasion gowns for many celebrities and continues to expand her empire. She has even created “Vera Wang Love” a collection of engagement rings and wedding bands sold exclusively at Zales Jewelers.

Wang’s Inspiration

Vera Wang has been categorized as one of the most successful wedding gown designers of our time. Her name is recognized by young women and girls around the world. As an icon in the design world, she sets a high standard for the fashion industry as a whole. Her designs are inspired by the glamour of old Hollywood. She describes her design style as “Romantic, Classic, and Whimsical fashion.” In her designs, Wang uses an array of specialty fabrics and laces composed in unique yet elegant designs. She also has been known to use soft color and embellishments to create an ethereal, feminine look. The bride that has always dreamed of wearing a “Vera Wang Gown” has the tastes of royalty, but with her ever expanding empire, today those gowns are more within her reach than ever.


It is all about the designer when it comes to a bridal gown. There is nothing better than seeing the envy in the faces of others when they see you in a beautiful wedding dress from one of the world’s greatest designers. Below, we look at five of the best wedding gown designers of 2014.


Lhuillier hails from the Philippines and is now regarded as one of the world’s premier fashion designers. Her Ms. Eternal Daydream Spring 2015 wedding dress collection wowed audiences with incredible bridal gowns, including her gorgeous classic off-white dress complete with flowing double layers, a slight sheen, and ruched detailing. She began designing wedding dresses in 1996 after being amazed at the lack of choice available when choosing a gown for her own wedding.


This American fashion designer creates outfits deemed to be the height of haute couture. As well as designing dresses for exhibitions and competitions, Wang is well-known for her stunning bridal gown designs and unique shows. Her latest showcase consisted of a short video outlining her dazzling range. Wang is famous for completely defying convention, and a prime example of this is her black and white wedding dress with a cut-out bodice and leather gloves. If you want to be the center of attention, choose Vera Wang!


Oscar was born in the Dominican Republic, and despite being 81 years of age, he still cuts a dashing figure and remains at the forefront of bridal gown design. His career began in 1963 and has become synonymous with attention to detail and craft. One of his great achievements was turning Hilary Clinton into a fashion icon, but he still finds time to create wedding dresses with an extra bit of “pizzazz.” Check out his latest bridal collection, which is laden with understated yet beautiful gowns.


This Venezuelan-born fashion designer still looks incredible at 75 years of age and is known for producing elegant and “worldly” designs. Herrera has had the honor of dressing several First Ladies, including the incomparable Jacqueline Onassis. The Carolina Herrera bridal collection is filled with classically styled wedding dresses that also possess a modern look. Choose one of her sleek gowns today for a debonair look that steals the show.


This Lebanese designer is fast gaining a glowing reputation, as an increasing number of stylish celebrities are turning to her for their ensembles. If you long for a bridal gown that is more than a little bit daring, look at Arca’s spring bridal collection. One of our favorites is the mini-gown, which is revealing yet elegant and gives you an adorable ballerina look. However, it is probably not the best choice if your guest list includes a plethora of traditionalists!

It seems as if “who” you wear is almost as important as “what” you wear on your big day. Given the quality of the bridal gowns designed by the above masters of the industry, you can’t go wrong by choosing any one of their fabulous dresses.

The mass production of beautiful and affordable bridal gowns was started by one dynamic couple: Alfred Angelo Piccione and his wife Edythe Vincent. With their dreams and drive, the Picciones made beautiful and fashionable wedding gowns available to all sorts of brides today.

Model wearing Disney Fairy Tale bridal gown

Alfred Angelo gown from the Disney Fairy Tale Bridal Collection.

Their story starts simply enough. Dissatisfied with the selection of affordable bridal gowns, Alfred and his wife Edythe began wholesaling bridal gowns in an attempt to provide inexpensive dresses that were affordable for the average bride. They opened their first shop on South Street in Philadelphia, PA in the early 1930s. Edythe began designing gowns in 1935 because the quality of the gowns they were selling didn’t measure up to the couple’s standards. However, custom gowns were often expensive, and most women could not afford them. Much like her husband, Edythe was talented and driven. Together they started creating their own line, choosing quality fabrics while still maintaining affordability and creating a mass production bridal gown manufacturing business in the process.

Their gowns were made out of quality material, and were offered in a wide range of sizes and styles (which they still are today). The dresses were made exquisite by adding beading, embroideries and embellishments. The Picciones entrepreneurial spirit brought them wide recognition when they were chosen to provide the wedding dress for a very young Elizabeth Taylor in the movie “Father of the Bride.” They both worked together to come up with clever giveaway campaigns that would continue to keep their burgeoning name in the spot light, although Alfred said his wife deserved the credit for the publicity campaigns.

In the 1960s, the couple’s children Vincent and Michele Piccione took over designing the gowns, adding more embellishments and intricate details to the gowns and offering more color choices to brides other than the standard ivory and white. The torch was officially passed off to Vincent and Michele in 1984, with Vincent as CEO and Michele as CCO. Since 1999, the head designer has been Michael Shettel. Shettel has introduced to the Alfred Angelo line the Dream Color collection, which allows a bride to choose between 55 different colors to add to a panel train, trim on a neckline, or sash to customize her gown to the color scheme for her wedding. In 2010, Alfred Angelo began collaboration with Disney to create princess-inspired wedding dresses based on the popular Disney princesses such as Snow White, Cinderella, and the Little Mermaid.

Through them, the company has achieved worldwide recognition. No longer solely focusing on bridal, they now design for bridesmaids, pageants, and prom. Alfred Angelo gowns are designed to make a woman feel beautiful for her most important day, whatever that day may be.

A return to classic beauty, Amsale Spring 2014 is brave and bold in how little has changed.

Amsale Wedding Gown

Amsale bridal gown from her 2014 spring collection.

Amsale Aberra started her eponymous line with the idea of classic, refined beauty and even in ages and times of glamorous excess and abandon she bravely endures knowing that her dresses are the ones that will be around for generations to come. For Aberra it is a risk that has paid off time and time again but this year’s bridal spring fashion shows found other designers going hard on the themes of femininity and sexiness. The catwalks were filled with power walking models in dresses with flirtatious cutouts and sheer fabrics. The suspense was building over what Aberra would reveal as hemlines got shorter and necklines plunged deeper on neighboring runways but she resisted the pressure once more, as she always may, and hopefully this collection will stand as a testament to her principles.

There’s something about the Amsale Spring 2014 collection that just says to us: Princess Kate. Not in the showy, delicate, McQueen that she was married in but maybe the dress the English royal would have chosen had she not a grand ceremony and all the eyes of the world. The dresses are satin finished with much attention paid to shape and structure and like the Princess’s signature style each dress is girly but without being juvenile. Modesty would not be an issue with these gowns and with their tank styles or strap additions they keep things demure but also womanly. Most necklines are scoop, bateau or if there is the occasional sweetheart or v-neck it is offset by thick straps or much structure and support. While that can sound unappealing, Amsale pulls off the gesture with grace so the dresses do not look frumpy but rather coy instead.

The details to pay attention to in this collection are not in excessive beadwork or showy embroidery but rather in the luxurious fabrics and expert cuts. Most dresses will flatter an hourglass figure as they subtly cinch at the waist, follow the curve of the hip and flare slightly just above the knee. It feels like the most natural progression for any article of clothing and the tiniest of accents, such as a sash or a bow, is just the icing on this perfectly made cake. Some of the standouts of the collection are the ones who definitely play into this image of the grown-up girl but also do have some element of modernity to them. The addition of a shimmery skirt or sheer panel makes many of these dresses fashion forward but eternally timeless–and that’s a combination only Amsale can achieve.

Amsale is the eponymous bridal couture line started by Amsale Aberra. Welcome to her world.

Amsale Wedding Gowns

Collection of wedding dresses from Amsale.

Amsale Aberra, the Ethiopian born fashion designer behind the bridal line named after herself, is as beautiful as her gowns. She is a couture bridal wear and evening wear designer meaning her gowns can be seen everywhere from on royalty around the world to on the red carpet at the Country Music Awards. She is as versatile as her creations but she has a few guiding principles that she has always stuck to and will always set her designs apart from the rest.

Perhaps the best way to start telling Aberra’s story is to begin where she did: in New York. As is the case with many enlightened visionaries Aberra was more than disappointed by the choices available to her for her own wedding gown. She was looking for something simple, timeless and elegant which won’t be a surprise to any bride who has been wowed by an Amsale gown. She found that most of the gowns she saw were over adorned or overwrought. She knew the best fashionistas would not let themselves be worn by the gown and so she turned her tiny New York City loft into an atelier and began to churn out the elegant dresses that she has since become known for. Aberra knew then the importance of having a bride that would love her wedding dress for years to come and since then she has fused couture craftsmanship with refined archetypal silhouettes to create a bridal line that is the envy of every new york city bride and beyond. Together with Neil Brown, Aberra has taken those bridal gowns one step further by founding the Amsale group. After having worked on wedding gowns for many years she found that her tastes were not exactly changing as much as she was itching to experiment. In order to make those dreams a reality, three independent and exclusive bridal lines were launched under the heading of the Amsale group that are as different from each other as they are similar in their exceptional quality. While many brides are familiar with Christos and Kenneth Pool they might not know that both of these luxurious bridal lines can also boast of having the much sought after Aberra touch. This group also includes a bridesmaids collection which has the unique feature of allowing the bride or bridesmaid to select the fabric or texture of a gown to create one of a kind luxury bridesmaids dresses.

With so many options and such a rich history it’s hard to find a reason to leave the Amsale group out of your wedding planning!